On May 21, 1989, the firm was founded by Steven A. Johnson and William S. Spangler, Sr. Bill retired shortly thereafter, and Steve focused his efforts on civil litigation and labor relations. Through the years, the firm has served a wide variety of corporate and individual clients. We represent corporate and business clients, from small “mom & pop” start-ups to Fortune 500 mega-corporations. We represent construction companies from local to national, along with architects, engineers and owners. In the area of health care providers, we represent individual physicians and large regional hospitals.

But representing clients whose needs were focused in the areas of litigation and labor relations was only a starting point. Through a process of attracting exceptionally talented attorneys from outside and hiring the finest young lawyers to build from within, we have evolved into a firm which handles all of our clients’ needs in a highly successful and individualized manner.

We are small, and intentionally so: our clients aren’t fungible and neither should be your lawyers. Johnson Ivancevich, LLP, stands ready to serve the needs of our clients at the highest level, with the most individualized representation possible, now and in the future.