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  • Civil Litigation -LESS INFO+ MORE INFO

    Our civil litigation team is prepared to handle your every litigation need. With decades of experience handling matters in both state and federal courts throughout Indiana, whether involving complex contract matters, class actions, Constitutional torts, construction, employment, or personal injuries ranging from lumbar sprains to traumatic brain injuries, we offer experienced trial counsel who successfully and routinely handle such matters through both settlement and trial.


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  • Labor & Employment Law -LESS INFO+ MORE INFO

    Our labor and employment team has been representing employers for over 40 years. Regarding matters of traditional labor law, as the only Indiana management attorneys ever to serve on the NLRB Region 13 Practice and Procedure Committee, we bring a tradition of successful employer representation to the table whether opposing union organizational attempts, engaging in collective bargaining, or battling unfair labor practice allegations before the Board and beyond, our experience will guide you through.

    Collective bargaining presents a unique challenge. It’s a fortunate employer who enjoys a collaborative relationship with the union representing his employees. But over time, relationships change. Handshake deals prove to be unenforceable; language that appeared to mean one thing turns out to mean something entirely different after being interpreted by the National Labor Relations Board or the courts. The results have all too frequently proven to be devastating. Our skilled negotiators can guide you through, from simply reviewing your Agreement to bargaining the entire contract.

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  • Family Law -LESS INFO+ MORE INFO

    Our Family and Domestic relations team can assist you in making a difficult and emotional time less traumatic, whether it be an initial matter or a post decree matter. George S. Ivancevich brings his experience as Magistrate in the Lake Circuit Court, Domestic Relations Division to the team, and we can assist you, and our team can assist you in matters concerning dissolution of marriage, custody, parenting time, and child support.

    Our team can assist you in Juvenile Court issues, whether they concern criminal matters involving minors or issues related to paternity, child support, parenting time and custody.

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  • Real Estate & Construction Law -LESS INFO+ MORE INFO

    Our Construction Law team first began acquiring experience over 40 years ago. From hands-on experience on the work site, through training by and employment at Dodge Reports, to decades of successfully representing contractors, architects and engineers, our team brings expansive experience from the job site to the court room. Our breadth of knowledge as to the complexities of the construction and design processes, as well as the complexities of construction litigation, result in significant savings for our clients: while constantly updating our knowledge base, our “learning curve” has taken place through the decades of study and experience at every level.

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  • Criminal Defense -LESS INFO+ MORE INFO

    Federal Felony and Misdemeanor Defense

    Perhaps nothing is more intimidating than being charged with a crime by the federal government, an entity with seemingly endless resources available for both the investigation and prosecution of criminal allegations. Defending federal charges requires a different skill set than state charges as the penalties, procedures, defense strategies, and required legal acumen are different. A federal prosecution will upend your life; and when your life is on the line, you need experienced federal defense attorneys, not a state court attorney who merely dabbles in federal criminal defense. But more importantly, our team has a long and successful history of defending clients charged with the most complex federal criminal cases.

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